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Spinbot.biz SEO Tools are required to perform good analysis in order to do a successful SEO work. It is very important that these analyzes are the closest to the truth in terms of the SEO work you will do. The tools used in SEO studies are for the purpose and budget. In addition to free tools, some tools are paid for.

First of all, while giving information about the tools used, we consider the classification for the purpose appropriate. Most of the tools we will cover here are free tools. Follow our detailed articles about SEO tools.

Let's Use Seo Tools Effectively


It is not possible to do search engine optimization without determining keywords. Keywords are words or phrases that attract users to a particular page, blog or site. For this reason, we need keywords so that your site can be found on the Internet. The keywords that are determined or that you will determine should be relevant to the relevant page.

Of course, this will not be enough, users need to make searches that match your keywords. Therefore, choosing the keywords that users use in search in keyword selection rises to a more important position.

We recommend “Google Adword Keyword planner” for those who want to use free SEO tools. Also, “Neilpatel” is a nice tool to use when determining your keywords. Another SEO tool that you can use for single page reviews is “SEMrush” we recommend for users.


Ranking tools are tools that give you information about your status in the keywords you are working with. Among the SEO tools that pull real instant data, many are paid. But there are many vehicles that you will know can get a ranking close to the real moment. If we talk about the SEO tools that we recommend to find your ranking for the relevant keywords of your site.

You can use “Google Search Console” and “Semruh”. You can also view your rankings on “Neilpatel”. You can check your ranking by using “Wincher”, another SEO tool that gives the best results with its 15-day free trial version.


It is important to use site analysis tools so that you can monitor the traffic to your site and monitor your business. It is not a correct perception that you will receive analysis service only when you get SEO service. You can obtain data about your site using analysis tools. Watching analytics tools gives you a lot of benefits. If you have an identity on the Internet, you can monitor the traffic, the movements of the visitors, where they come from and at what time they log in. It is the job of an SEO expert to interpret the data about your site correctly and to take measures to increase traffic. If you use the data of your site in detail, it will give you more enthusiasm in terms of what you will do.

As for the SEO tools you can use, the first and most important is "Google Analytics". Other than analytics, we recommend "Bing Web master tools" and "Yandex Web Master tools", it is always beneficial for you and your site to use and experience these SEO tools. Of course, the fact that you are using these tools has no direct effect on your traffic. With the adjustments you will make after the analysis, you can increase the ranking of your site.


It is important to find out where the backlinks come from, in other words, the feedback coming to your site, using link control tools. If you know where and from which site the feedbacks coming to your site come from, you can see the effect on your site traffic. When the incoming feedback is not qualified, it will not have any effect on your ranking. The best way to create qualified backlinks is to create your site as a result of a recommendation among natural users.

In order to capture this, your site must be a site that adds value to the Internet environment. In old-fashioned SEO studies, millions of feedback could be obtained and rankings could be gained. Today, unqualified feedback, thanks to Google updates, is of no value. It is essential to improve your ranking by producing quality content to ensure success. We can recommend "Google Search Console" and "smallseotools" among the SEO tools that you can use free of charge, which will allow you to see the feedback coming to your site with SEO tools. Many tools than paid tools provide you with a more comprehensive and detailed service.


This tool is one of the tools that old sites should use a lot. After Google Penguin algorithm updates, you may have a lot of work to do. Link to your site is dirty